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The Team

This site is run by a group of players that have gain experience from both sides of the table. Most of us have been working for different casinos over the years, and this has given us a lot of valuable knowledge. All of us are also players, with close to a decade of experience. This gives us an important insight into how you and other players perceive casinos, and that gives us a great opportunity to write great reviews of Pay N Play Casinos.

Experience & Knowledge

Before we launched this site about PayNPlay Casinos, we were looking for reliable and accurate information about the new payment method by Trustly. That was difficult to find. A few weeks later we bought the domain and started writing.

We hope that you will find this site useful. We also hope that you think the information we focus on is the things you are considering important when making a decision whether you are going to play at casino A or B. If you do, we have spent our experience and knowledge in a constructive way. If not, we hope that you will give us some feedback, so that our site can become even better,

The Ultimate Casino Guide?

We want this site to be the best casino guide online. What we have experienced as players, is that most casino guides are never updated. Bonus offers have expired, the slots that are referred to as new are old, and some casinos that have the top score has ceased to exist. You know how it is. But this is not how our site is going to be. We are going to put a lot of effort into it, to create the best casino guide online.

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